JCDecaux recognises the opportunities presented by Africa and the need by marketers for multiple advertising formats, that are consistent across the Sub-Saharan region.

Africa Footprint newWe have established operations in:



We provide a one-stop service for marketers across the region, including printing, either through one of our 13  local branches or through our Johannesburg Head Office.

JCDecaux also provides Innovative Outdoor Solutions based on a client's briefs.

Browse our product ranges and contact us, we’ll show you why we are Africa’s Outdoor Advertising Specialists.

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What we offer

Airport Advertising
JCDecaux has been operating in Airport Advertising for over 26 years. We provide exterior, interior and tailor made advertising opportunities in African Airports throughout the Sub-Saharan region. Airport Advertising delivers high traffic volumes, captive audiences, business and leisure travellers. We have Airport Advertising opportunities in:


Large scale wraps for brand dominance
JCDecaux offers a portfolio of awe-inspiring sites that will capture the minds of consumers and indulge their imaginations.  Although site locations may range from buildings to walls, all sites are in landmark locations, creating brand dominance and impact.

Super Signs
Super Signs are another format that JCDecaux offers in the Sub-Saharan region. Located in metropolitan areas they are positioned at main arterials and traffic routes, as well as, traffic convergence points to provide Advertisers with the large reach, big brand image and geographical dominance.

Citilites are our most aesthetically pleasing structure. Located in urban, high-end areas in Sub-Saharan markets, they are perfect for reaching target consumers. Reach is further increased in Africa markets, by moving faces from one location to another every 4 weeks. The Citilite is also internally illuminated, providing 24-hour exposure.

Tactical Marketing Opportunities
JCDecaux offers tactical short, mid or long-term formats in the form of Lamp Poles, Roadstars, Taxi Branding and Millennium Signs. This places your brand directly where your consumer is commuting, shopping, walking and spending their time.

Mall Advertising
JCDecaux offer brands the opportunities to dominate Malls in Africa with a multitude of branding opportunities throughout Africa. Both our interior and exterior formats provide brands with 

a solution that will bring their brand to life while acquiring new consumers.

Mass Reach
Mass Reach formats are offered across the continent at all levels of the market. They extend to the mass market in metropolitan areas, peri-urban and rural markets. The sites are available in areas surrounding taxi ranks, shopping centres, sports centres and other major points of convergence.

Digital Advertising
JCDecaux has begun to provide digital formats in some key locations in markets across Africa. We are embracing the digital revolution with formats in shopping malls* and airports.

Activations at Airports and Malls

Experiential activations are key in the path to persuasion
Experience is mandatory in a holistic brand campaign. Put your brand in front of your target consumer in creative ways that engage and excite them.
Brands are no longer “contained in any communication or campaign, but rather it’s understood through its many touch-points.” Create enough positive touch-points, and you create positive ROI.  An activation within your OOH campaign will create further stimuli to convert your Outdoor Advertising message into sales.

JCDecaux will provide you with the relevant location for your activation at airports and malls where we have rights.  We will assist as far as possible with the management and set-up of your activation.  Send us your brief and we’ll make a plan!

JCDecaux recommends creative Out of Home executions that will captivate the consumer and drive them to further engage with your brand. We have a dedicated team that creates innovation solutions for Out of Home formats that cater to you and your brand needs. Cut through the clutter and start the consumer conversation.